COMMITTEES 2018-2019
Advisory to Council Appeals and Grievances
Earl J. “Mickey” Durand, Chairman John Belanger, Chairman
Howard F. Entwistle, Jr. Don Sonnier
William Keith Powell, Jr. Travis Holley
Edwin "Ed" L. Horton, Jr.

By-Laws Charters & Dispensations
W. James Hill III, Chairman Larry Plaisance, Chairman
Terry Fowler Richard James
Howard F. Entwistle, Jr. Michael Carpenter
Edwin “Ed” L. Horton, Jr.

Credentials & Registration Distribution
Dale E. Johnson, Chairman W. Robert Laurents, Chairman
Edwin "Ed" L. Horton, Jr. Gerald Houston
Timothy J. Riley, Sr. Carle Jackson
Conrad Gauthier

Festivals Finance
John Sharlow, Chairman Harold H. Young, Chairman Emeritus
All DD IGM William K. Powell, Jr. Chairman
All District Grand Lectures Gerald Houston
W. Robert Laurents
Earl J. “Mickey” Durand
All Elected Grand Council Line Officers

Foreign Correspondence Housing/ Best Western
Edwin "Ed" L. Horton, Jr. Chairman William Keith Powel, Jr. Chairman
Lloyd Hebert Earl J. "Mickey" Durand
Carle Jackson Vernon Atkinson

Masonic Law & Jurisprudence Necrology
W. James "Jim" Hill III, Chairman Vernon Atkinson, Chairman
Terry Fowler Lloyd Hebert
John Belanger William Keith Powell, Jr.
Howard F. Entwistle, Jr.

Perpetual Membership Philanthropies (CMMRF)
Allen Tidwell, Chairman Vernon Atkinson, Chairman
Eugene Dawson John Sharlow
Timothy J. Riley, Sr. Charles Bertrand
Vernon Atkinson Andrew Stevenson, Sr.
Ed L. Horton
Robert E. Durham

Program & Arrangements Publication
Eugene Dawson, Chairman Richard L. James, Chairman
Andrew Stevenson Eugene Dawson
Buddy Guidry Steve Pence
Edwin "Ed" L. Horton, Jr. Andrew Stevenson, Sr.
Robert "Bob" Durham Edwin "Ed" L. Horton, Jr.

State of Order Time and Place
Howard F. Entwistle, Jr., Chairman Eugene Dawson, Chairman
Don Sonnier Anthony Radosti
John Belanger Samuel B. Owen

Youth Program York Rite Awareness
Frank DuTreil, Chairman Richard James, Chairman
Michael Darin West Don Springer
J. Andrew Owens L. Chad Koelling
Rory Bozeman John Amador

Hospitality Committee Work and Education
Margaret Laurence, Chairwoman Carl Jackson, Chairman
Sharon Powell Michael Carpenter
Janie Riley W.A. Morris
Barbara Durham Timothy J. Riley, Jr.
Janice James Eddie LeBoeuf, III
Melanie Jackson
Sharon Bertrand
Nona Entwistle
Lelaun Durand
Elaine Atkinson
Wallice House Chairwoman Emeritus
Pearle Maize Chairwoman Emeritus